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All our refurbished Hewlett Packard Laserjet's are thoroughly checked, cleaned, and tested by our in house Certified Printer Technician. This allows us to stand behind a full 90 day warranty covering the entire printer(excluding Toner cartridge). All Parts carry 90 Day warranty, Labor is FREE for the LIFETIME of an M&J Printer. The 90 day warranty starts the day the order is placed and doesn't include shipping in either direction. If the printer is DOA we will gladly send you a new one no charge on return of DOA printer. If the printer breaks out of the 90 Day warranty period you will have to cover the shipping and cost of part(s), Labor is still FREE! We do not cover printers which have been repaired or upgraded by anyone besides a Certified Printer Technician.

All our Bubblejets/Inkjets are warranted not to be DOA(Dead on Arrival), if they are you may send them back for a full refund or Trade out if we have another in stock.

Our AS-IS printers are warranted not to be DOA(Dead On Arrival),if they are You can send it back and we will trade it out.All AS-IS printers do print a test page.

All of our repairs have a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

Have any additional questions? E-MAIL ME.

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