M&J Xbox 360 Warranty guarantee

      M&J 360 warrantees our Console systems as well as any repairs performed for a full 30 Days from the time of invoice date. If there is a problem with your console within the warranty period please ship the console back to us for repair. Exchange maybe offered for purchased systems. We will cover return shipping to you but you will be responsible for cost of shipping the console into us. Warranty claims on repaired systems are only valid if they are for the same Primary & Secondary error code as originally repaired. Warranty is void if the customer opened or altered the console in anyway internally. Any warranty claims take precedence over other repairs at the time and are usually performed within 2 days of receiving the console, unless there is a part that is not in stock and has to be ordered.

      All warranty claims, or additional repair service requests must be submitted via our website. Simply submit a email to us explaining your issues with your repairs. You will be contacted in 24-48hours, warranty period starts from the invoice date which is normally the same as the ship date.

      Not all 360 consoles can be repaired due to faulty manufacturing or severe damage that has been done to the primary chips, other electronic components, or their connectivity to the motherboard itself. In the process of evaluating your console for any Non-DVD related issues, we will obtain a Red Ring display on your unit if it is not currently displaying any Red Lights. This is required in order to obtain the Secondary Error Codes for use in diagnosing your unit that is displaying Pre-RROD activity, such as No Audio, No Video, Game Freezing, Discoloration, Screen Pixelation, etc.

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